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Specialist Support for the Manufacturing Industry

If you are a manufacturing or technology based business you will probably be operating in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment TWI can help you to build your business faster, better and stronger. With our help you can become more innovative and more efficient.

On a Strategic level our services include the identification of new opportunities for business and product innovation, carrying out scenario and risk analysis and benchmarking.

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On a Tactical level we will work with you to optimise design and manufacturing processes, ensuring fitness for purpose and minimising waste.

On an Operational level we offer a rapid turnaround troubleshooting service, minimising disruption and associated losses.


  • Managing technology for competitive advantage
  • Making the right manufacturing choices first time
  • Troubleshooting to rapidly solve shop-floor issues and identify new opportunities

TWI Expertise

  • Technology strategy, management and transfer.
  • Manufacturing, design and production.
  • Structured process improvement.
  • Group facilitation and road-mapping.

Track Record

TWI has worked across all industry sectors with all sizes of organisation to evaluate and develop technology strategy, optimise manufacturing and design operations, troubleshoot production problems and assist with the implementation of quality control systems. From selection of the right technology and materials at concept stage, through to disassembly and reuse techniques at end of life, TWI has been able to offer assistance based on a unique combination of knowledge of the state-of-the-art and practical experience.

Design of prototype equipment for joining, cutting and inspection applications has formed a central part of TWI's activities in several areas including:

Using CAD tools, designers work with process engineers to develop designs for new joining equipment and also devices for other sectors such as medical devices.

Many of these designs result in the production of prototypes by TWI and in some cases, a final product for the customer.

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