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Weldasearch Alerts

The service offers you personal notification on subjects in which you have a particular interest from the database. All new items in your subject will be sent to you by e-mail when the monthly update of the database takes place.

The e-mail will include the full references and abstracts for the items you receive in your monthly alert.

The service does not give access to the full text of the articles in question. Please read obtaining original papers for information on obtaining articles via TWI's Document Delivery Service.

Industry sector alerts

Recent abstracts of articles particularly relevant to several major industry sectors, which were added to the Weldasearch database at the last monthly upload, are available as PDF files to download.

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Set up or renew your Alert profiles in Weldasearch now.

To set up your own alert or extend an existing one, access Weldasearch  and click on 'Alerting service' (you must be logged into this website).

Video guide on how to use it.

Note 1: Setting up your Monthly Alert - please note that best results from your alert will rely upon the use of the best possible search terms. If you are unsure how to set this up, please contact weldasearch@twi.co.uk, or call Weldasearch on +44 (0)1223 899000 for help.

Note 2: Your monthly alert will search on new items entered into the database during the previous month. Although care is taken to cover a wide range of subjects each month, there may be occasions when you will not receive any new items. You will then receive an e-mail informing you of this fact.

Note 3:
If you regularly receive e-mails informing you that you have not been sent any new items, you should consider refining your monthly alert search terms. For help please contact Weldasearch as given in Note 1 above.     

Note 4: Copyright in the Weldasearch database and its records is owned by TWI Ltd. When you download items from the database, you may not retain them permanently in an organised manner, or re- transmit them to a third party, without permission from TWI. For permission please contact information.services@twi.co.uk.