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Library Services

TWI Library contains one of the world's largest collections of welding and joining literature. Use our Library catalogue to identify exactly what you want, quickly and easily, or contact us with your requirements to at any time of day. We also post a list of new books and reference material available in the library.

All types of information

To meet the needs of Industrial and Professional Members of TWI and Members of the Welding & Joining Society, all types of joining-related information are provided:

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  • reading lists
  • lists of manufacturers and suppliers
  • company details
  • information from standards, i.e. grades of material, tests required, etc
  • loans and photocopies
  • electronic books
  • materials compositions and sources of supply
  • consumables compositions and sources of supply
Publications are available to Members for loan or for reading in TWI's library. Photocopies of many items can be supplied - subject to the provisions of current UK copyright legislation. Please ask for details of charges.

World-leading stock of publications

Information is supplied direct from TWI's stock of publications which covers all forms of joining, metallic and non-metallic materials, engineering aspects of joining, non-destructive testing, corrosion, quality assurance and health & safety. To check our holdings, go to the Library Catalogue for details of:

  • 25,000 books and reports

  • 280 current journals and backfiles of many other journals

  • 10,000+ standards from major industrialised countries, including many now withdrawn and unavailable elsewhere

  • conference proceedings

  • reports

  • product literature on welding equipment and consumables

  • company information

  • materials information

Save time & trouble - ask TWI's library first

Contact us when you need information on welding, joining and related technologies. If we cannot answer your query, we will do our best to direct you to another organisation or library which may be able to help.