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Failure Investigation

There are often many possible reasons why engineering components fail in service, and the cause and mechanisms of failure can only be determined with the right combination of analytical equipment and experienced engineers.

TWI has both the state-of-the-art facilities to carry out complex failure investigations and the critical mass to interpret the results and offer the solutions to avoid further failures in the future.

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TWI can offer:

  • On-site failure assessment

  • Mechanical testing, from standard laboratory-scale tests to full-scale testing

  • Environmental testing

  • Chemical analysis and hydrogen measurement

  • Fractography

  • Metallography 

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Forensic investigation in support of legal claims.

TWI's facilities for diagnosing failures range from non-destructive evaluation to destructive examination using advanced scanning electron microscopy. Through the combination of the specialist expertise of its engineering team and its access to cutting-edge technology, TWI can provide the right information in the right time frame.

TWI can help remediate the impact of a failure by:

  • Interpretation of the failure location and service data, including on-site review

  • Examination of the parts to determine the failure mechanism(s)

  • Root cause analysis, including design, fabrication, transportation, installation and service

  • Simulation of the service conditions to establish critical parameters at which failure will occur

  • Definition of safe conditions for remaining intact components

  • Establishing a non-destructive evaluation strategy for remaining components

  • Remedial advice for the avoidance of further failures, including design and fabrication reviews for replacement components and mitigation strategies for existing components.

With over 50 years of troubleshooting expertise and thousands of successful investigations, TWI has a long and distinguished history in determining the mechanisms, causes and solutions to some of the industry’s most costly and dramatic failures.

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